“David was so fun to listen to you – yes, fun! He has a great way of captivating an audience with interesting facts and stories about nature and the world around us.”

Elizabeth Barry, United States Forest Service

“We think David is great on TV and can help inform our viewers and we’d love to have him on.”

Tyler Woods, Story Coordinator, Inside Edition

“We love David’s upbeat personality and think he was a great fit for the show.”

Stacey Toal, Associate Producer, Indigo Films

“David is a great guest. Wendy loves him and his wild animals are always amazing.”

Joelle Dawson-Calia, Senior Producer, The Wendy Williams Show

“We love working with David on shows such as Are You Smarter Than? and Unlikely Animal Friends. He’s great on-camera and his insight as a wildlife expert adds so much to our productions.”

Christopher Albert from NatGeo WILD

“Today’s speaker was knowledgeable, entertaining and inspirational. In a presentation that lasted a little over an hour, David Mizejewski, spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation, was able to give us a whole new perspective on gardening. Most of us are now ready to turn our gardens into wildlife sanctuaries and do our part to protect our precious ecosystem.”

Members of Five Hills Garden Club

“David has been on our show many times and never ceases to amaze us with the depths of his knowledge and passion for conservation. We love his energy, his message, and the way he teaches us incredible things about wildlife both around the world and in our own backyards.”

Matt Forte, #BUILDseries

“We Love David!”

Chris Newth, Conan