Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife

Invite beautiful songbirds, colorful butterflies, busy bees and more amazing wildlife to your own yard or garden by nurturing a natural wildlife habitat garden. The expanded second edition of David’s award-winning, bestselling how-to book will show you how. With stunning photography, lists of the best plants to support wildlife, and 17 projects the whole family can enjoy, this is a must-have resource for nature enthusiasts, gardeners, and animal lovers.

No matter where you purchase the book, all sales support the wildlife conservation programs of the National Wildlife Federation.

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“The most valuable parts of the book are those in which Mizejewski emphasizes the importance of using native plants to maintain the mutual relationships that plants, animals and other living organisms have developed over the millennia and explains how exotic imports can disrupt this balance.” 

— Publishers Weekly

“David’s superb revision brings us up to date on the most effective ways to enhance our local ecosystems by using the beautiful native plants our birds and bees depend on.” 

— Doug Tallamy, Author of Bringing Nature Home